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Ancestors of Judith Lynn Smith

This is my family tree as I know it. If anyone has any information to add, or any corrections, please e-mail me at I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed finding the information.

I have tried to make it easy to follow the my Mother's line is written in pink, and my Father's line is written in blue. Hope this helps.


1.Judith Lynn SMITH....

Married first, Gary David Powell, no children. Married second, Terry Arthur Frank, had two children, Terry Christopher Frank, , and Joseph Randall Frank,

Married third, Tracy Lynn Miniard, had one son, Joshua Edward Miniard,


2.Beverly Jean SMITH......

Married Gary Vernison Roy. Had two children, Christy Nicole Roy, and Brian Anthony Roy,



3.Hazel Norene HURST.........born 22 November 1917, in Shelbianna, Pike Co. KY

died on 19 Jan 1986 in Cincinnati, Ohio ..

This information is from her birth certificate, although she always said that her birthdate was 7 Nov 1917, and that her middle name was Lorene, not Norene.

Married first to Carl Robert Anderson, in Pike Co KY, had three children, Carl Edward Anderson, born 12 Sept 1934, and died 1 Feb 1935; Patsie Joe Anderson, Glenna Joyce Anderson, They divorced in 1948.

Hazel in 1974

4.Randall SMITH............................


Randall Smith and Hazel Hurst had the following children:

i. Judith Lynn SMITH

ii. Beverly Jean SMITH


5. Harold Whitfield SMITH.......born on 30 Aug 1903. Died on 27 Mar 1978 in Atlanta Georgia. Was Killed on the sidewalk by an Express Truck.

6. Jessie PARKER, dates unknown, is buried at Braddock Cemetery, in Jenkins Kentucky. was also married to Alec Tucker.

Harold Whitfield Smith and Jessie Parker had the following children:

i. Harold Whitfield Smith, Jr. (Roland)


ii. Randall Smith ...............................

7. James Matterson HURST...born 10 Nov 1893, in Shelbianna, Pike Co. KY and died 20 July 1973 in Switzer, Logan Co. West Virginia. married on 27 Aug 1914.


8. Melvina MCCOWN...born 12 Sept 1896, in Shelbianna, Pike, Kentucky, died on 19 Nov 1979

i. Walter Hurst, born 27 April 1915 in Kentucky, died 10 Jan 1935 in Ky.

ii. Irene Hurst, still living, married to Charles William Talbert

iii.Georgia Lee Hurst, married to Henry Jenkins.

iv. Hazel Norene Hurst, born 22 Nov 1917 in Shelbianna, Pike Co. KY....



9. George W. SMITH was born 12 June 1852

10. Melinda Jane PRICE was born 22 Sept 1870



George W. Smith and Melinda Jane Price had the following children:

i. James David Smith, born 11 Oct 1895 in Pittsburg, Georgia, Lookout Mtn.

ii. Russell Vance Smith was born 24 March 1897 in Pittsburg, Georgia, Lookout Mtn. he died 7 Nov 1987

iii. Roy Halma Smith was born 20 Sept 1899, iin Pittsburg, Georgia, Lookout Mtn., he died on 5 Apr 1935, in Newport, RI. He served 13 years in the US Navy Submarine Service. Died in Navy Hospital in Newport, RI.

iv. Flossie Irene Smith was born 6 Oct 1901

v.Harold Whitfield Smith, born 30 Aug 1903

vi. Joseph Smith, born 29 Aug 1905, died 19 Aug 1982

vii. Emma Francis Margaret Lucille Smith born 30 Sept 1907 and died 7 Dec 1974.

viii. Julia Dorothy Rosa Mary Lee Smith, born 28 July 1911

ix. Judson Hoyt Smith, born 24 May 1913, in Pittsburg, Ga., Lookout Mtn., he died, 19 Mar 1954. Killed in the US Steelmines.

11. Arthur PARKER , was born on 12 July 1879, in Jasper, Marion, Tennesee. Buried in Murphy's Hollow, Dade Co. Georgia.

12. Edna MURPHY , buried McRoberts, Kentucky.

Arthur Parker and Edna Murphy had the following children:

i. Icie Parker

ii. Eunice Parker

iii. Jessie Parker

13. Thurston Beauregard HURST , born 12 May 1864 in Virginia. He died on 29 Dec 1913 in Yeager, Pike County Ky from drinking carbolic acid, suicide.

Thurston was living with Miles Swiney in the 1880 Census, listed as a servant and farm labor, age 16. Married Sarah J. Kinney (Sis) 16 Aug 1888.

14. Sarah J. (Sis) KINNEY, born 17 Mar 1871, and died on 31 March 1912 in Yeager, Pike Co. Kentucky.

Sarah J. Kinney and Thurston Beauregard Hurst had the following children:

i. James Matterson Hurst

ii. Mayo Hurst, was born 14 Nov 1905 and died May 1971 in Dearborn, Indiana. He had no Children.

iii. Bill Hurst, born on 10 July 1901, and died 16 Feb 1952. Married to Maggie Wright.

iv. Layne Harrison Hurst was born on 2 July 1891 and died in Dec 1982 in Myra, Pike Co. Kentucky. married Cordelia (Della) Kinney.

v. Holly Hurst, born 20 May 1896 in Kentucky and died April 1979 in Cottageville, Jackson, West Virginia.

vi. Clyde Hurst

vii. Florrie Hurst, born in July 1889, in Kentucky. was never married.

viii. Dixie Hurst was born 1898 in Kentucky and married Tim Johnson.

15. John Sherman MCCOWN, was born on 17 Sept 1875 in Pike Co. Ky. and died 25 Feb 1951 in Letcher Co. Kentucky.

16. Matilda BLAIR was born on 5 Dec 1879 in Pike Co. Ky. and died 19 Jun 1952 in Letcher Co. Kentucky

John Sherman McCown and Matilda Blair had the following children:

i. Melvina Jane McCown

ii. Elizabeth Betty McCown, was born 25 Nov 1894, and died 14 Dec 1907. Was never married, and was shot by her uncle at the age of 16, accidently.

iii. Celia McCown was born 17 June 1888 and died 18 Oct 1898

iv. James Wesley McCown was born Aug 1899, and died 18 Aug 1901

v. Millard Filmore McCown (Red) born 7 Aug. 1901, married Emma.

vi. Everett McCown (EB) was born 11 June 1903 and died 2 Aug 1935, married Ora.

vii. Newton McCown, born 11 Oct 1906, married Della

viii. Mary Frona McCown was born 7 Feb 1905 and died 28 Feb 1990, married Fairbanks Stanley.

ix. Elster Lee McCown (Tad) born 1 Nov 1908 and died in 1962., married Lois Cleveland.

x. Nona Alma McCown, born 11 May 1912, and died 1998, married Millard Lee Blevins..

xi. John Sherman McCown, Jr. born 30 Jan, 1914, married Sarah Davis

xii. Malla McCown was born 17 May 1915, he died on 14 Jul 1958, married Cora Shephard.

xiii. Bill McCown born on 12 July 1917 was never married, committed suicide over epilepsy.

xiv. Gracie Magdalene McCown, was born 22 June 1920 (still living.), married Charley Jessee

xv. Charley Bob McCown, was born 4 Dec 1921, and died in March 1999, married Vonda Mullins .

xvi. Omma McCown.



17.Unknown PRICE

Unknown Price had the following children:

i. Melinda Jane Price

ii. Annie Price, was born on 8 Oct 1880, and died on 29 Sept 1963.

iii. George Price was born on 15 Dec 1882 and died 30 Nov 1939

18. Arthur Greer PARKER was born before 1855 in Jasper Marion Tennessee, buried Etna Mtn., Whiteside, Tennessee.

19. Catherine Kate MYERS was born before 1855 in Jasper, Marion, Tennessee, buried Etna Mtn., Whiteside, Tennessee.

Arthur Greer Parker and Catherine Kate Myers had the following children:

i. Arthur Parker

ii. Walden Parker was born 1876 in Jasper, Marion, Tennessee.

iii. Fred Parker was born 1884 in Jasper, Marion, Tennessee

iv. Grover Parker was born March 1886, in Whitewell, Marion, Tennessee.

v. Alice Parker was born March 1889 in Whitewell, Marion, Tennessee

vi. Kirksey Davis Parker was born 29 Apr 1897, in Whitewell, Marion, Tennessee, and died 18 Feb 1986 in Jasper, Marion, Tennessee.


20. Elijah MURPHY was born in 1847, and died 1915. Buried in Dade Co. Georgia.

21. Betty DOYLE was born in 1850 and died in 1932. Buried in Murphy's Hollow, Dade County Georgia.

Betty Doyle and Elijah Murphy had the following children:

i. Edna Murphy

ii. George Murphy

iii. James Roop Murphy

iv. Daisey Murphy

v. Una Murphy, born 25 Jul 1882, died 21 Apr 1961 in McRoberts, Kentucky.

vi. Nancy Murphy

vii. Pearl Murphy

viii. Annie Murphy

ix. Campbell Murphy

x. Paul Murphy


22. Campbell HURST

23. Charity COMPTON, was born Oct 1842 in Virginia.was listed with her parents in the 1870 Doniphan,Kansas census, as a widow with two children. Was listed as a widow with four children in the Pike Co. KY census for 1880. Was living with her daughter Geneva and son-in-law Absalom Thacker in the 1900 Pike Co. Kentucky Census.

Charity Compton and possibley Campbell Hurst had the following children:

i. Thurston Beauregard Hurst

ii. James Marion Hurst. was born in 1866 in Virginia. listed in the 1900 census for Pike co Ky, as a widower living with John Marrs and family.

iii. Geneva Hurst was born 1871 in Doniphan Co. Kansas.

iv. Noah C. Hurst was born in 1879 in Kentucky and died in 1964.

24. William KINNEY

25. Rebecca HALL

William Kinney and Rebecca Hall had the following children:

i. Sarah J. (Sis) Kinney

26. John Wesley MCCOWN was born 7 July 1848 in Pike Co. Kentucky and died 18 March 1941. Buried in Billy Damron cemetery.

27. Elizabeth (Betty) DAMRON was born on 22 Jun 1850 and died 12 Aug 1888 in Pike Co. Kentucky

John Wesley McCown and Elizabeth Damron had the folowing children:

i. John Sherman McCown

ii. Lucretia McCown was born and died in 1876

iii. Ruth McCown was born in 1877 and died 14 Jan 1959

iv. Myrtle (Mirtie) McCown, was born 1884

v. James Oscar McCown was born 12 Jan 1888, and died 7 Feb 1986 in Kentucky.

vi. Whetzel McCown was born Oct 1893

vii. Rissie McCown was born Feb. 1896

28. Newton BLAIR was born on 6 May 1854 in Virginia. He died in Aug 1935 in Pritchard, West Virginia. He was a twin to Jasper.

29. Melviney Jane ROBINSON was born in 1854 in Pike Co. Kentucky. She died in 1904

Newton Blair and Melviney Jane Robinson had the following children:

i. Christian Blair, born in 1877

ii. Matilda Blair

iii. Francis Blair was born 1 May 1881

iv Mary Frone Blair was born 14 Jan 1886

v. Benjamin Harrison Blair was born 30 Aug 1889

vi. Noah Blair was born in Feb 1891

vii. Lucinda Blair was born in June 1884 in Pike Co. Kentucky.



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